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Re: Debian GNU/Linux Reference Card under construction

W. Borgert dijo [Fri, Apr 16, 2004 at 07:09:29AM +0000]:
> > Perhaps, then, you should mention make-kpkg (found in kernel-package), the 
> > Debian Way TM of building a kernel.
> I used to use make-kpkg in the past, but switched all my
> machines to the standard Debian kernels.  I'm not sure,
> whether newbies will need this.  OK, maybe if s/o is used to
> build her own kernel, she will appreciate the convenience of
> the kernel-package.

I find make-kpkg one of the best features in Debian - Yes, I know few
people need to recompile the kernel, but -as I said in my past
message- this is something Debian-specific, and you don't need to get
deep in its usage. Try something like:

    If you need to compile a custom version of the kernel for your
    system, we advise you to use kernel-package. Documentation for its
    usage can be found in 'man make-kpkg'. In short, it will automate
    the various stages of building and installing a kernel into a
    Debian package. You will usually call it with 'make-kpkg
    --append-to-version mymachine --revision 1.0 --config menu

It can even be shorter :)


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