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Re: Debian GNU/Linux Reference Card under test

W. Borgert dijo [Fri, Apr 16, 2004 at 09:06:04AM +0000]:
> (...)
> Gunnar, Nicolas, would you do a Spanish and French
> version? 

Of course - just please wait for me until Monday, at most Tuesday.

> Question: How are translations of DocBook/XML documents
> done?  Is there a toolchain similar to gettext?  Or do we
> have to copy the complete file and translate it separately?
> That would be a maintanance nightmare!

Why don't you set up refcard as an Alioth project, managed by CVS? We
could do something (albeit simplified, as this is not a vast set of
pages) similar to webwml for Debian's web site translations. And the
'refcard' Alioth project could handle more than just this reference
card - Many, more specialized reference cards for Debian's many
subsystems and even packages - In effect, a refbook :) What do you

Well, back to the webwml point... Translations can mention to which
CVS revision of the original (usually in English) they will point. A
tracker can even be set up, such as


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