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Re: native packages

Theodore Ts'o dijo [Wed, Apr 14, 2004 at 09:55:47PM -0400]:
> > > delete the binary file during debian/rules clean.
> > 
> > You would still be distributing it in your orig.tar.gz, and that still
> > breaks DFSG. You have to compromise the 'pristine sources' ideal (note
> > that it is not required by Debian, just reccomended) and repackage the
> > orig.tar.gz without the blobs.
> Nope, it doesn't break DFSG.  The binary image is a **filesystem**.
> It is used for a regression test suite for e2fsck.  Yes I know that
> regression test suites is a concept which is foreign to many open
> source programmers, but hopefully it is not completely unfamiliar to
> people with a smattering of training in software engineering
> techiques.
> (...)

Ugh, I'm sorry - I didn't quite leave the 'binary blobs' thread before
entering this one (:

By the way, this seems like a very nice and interesting battery of
tests. They are present, then, in your .orig.tar.gz? I think I will
take a look into it!


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