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Re: Top 5 things that aren't in Debian but should be :-)

On Wed 4 February 2004 19:56, Tilo Schwarz wrote:
> Steven Leach writes:
> > Number one on my 'not in Debian/Linux but should be' list is OS X
> > style (Or is it really NextStep style) application bundles.
> Actually, if I remember correctly, on the NeXT you could uninstall an
> app by dragging it to the trash, because the app bundle was self
> contained. But recently I heard (but I'm not sure), that on OS X some
> app bundles additionally install file outside the bundle, which gives
> a mess I guess ...

My limited experience with OSX (my mum's laptop) this actually works 
really well, however when you remove the problem of a complex shared 
library system, you gain the problem of larger applications, less 
interaction etc.

It seems really good for high disk space systems with relatively few 
apps (especially when the apps only uses the OSX system libraries like 
cocoa or whatever it is called), as it makes it so easy to administer 
its just silly. However, i think the way debian handles things is 
better overall, and would be even better if apt had built in ways of 
removing cruft from the system. Once the kapture/synaptic guys improve 
their apps (synaptic is already very good, however its just to 
complicated for non tech people), especially if there is some way of 
hiding all the library packages etc, and just showing the main 
'runable' applications, or having a more finely tuned tasksel, i think 
we will have something unbeatable on the desktop.

Having the .deb mime type pre installed with the gnome/kde system and 
having some sort of click and install on the deb, which obviously uses 
apt to resolve dependencies, will be really nice. Kapture is definately 
something i will look at contributing to once my final year is over, 
along with my bittorrent client ive been neglecting.

Just my little rant


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