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Re: Top 5 things that aren't in Debian but should be :-)

That's the single nicest thing about OS X. I tried to reply earlier to the "no way to completely uninstal under OS X" message but I think I accidently sent it to just the original poster instead of to the list. With application bundles, all of the program's resources and binaries are contained in one file (actually a directory, but the file manage shows and treats them as single files). Move the bundle anywhere you want. Double click on it and it runs. Delete it and you just did a complete uninstall.

I think this is the absolute number one feature of OS X that I would love to see implemented in Linux.

Under OS X, the system directories contain the operating system, basic associated utilities, etc. Programs which are packaged as bundles don't need to install files in system directories. Just as an example, having done a fresh install of OS X Panther on a machine, all I had to do to install Apple Works was to drag to drag the icon from the CD and drop it into the applications directory. Installation complete. Want to uninstall? Delete it or drag it to the trash.

On Feb 4, 2004, at 2:56 PM, Tilo Schwarz wrote:

Steven Leach writes:
Number one on my 'not in Debian/Linux but should be' list is OS X style
(Or is it really NextStep style) application bundles.

Actually, if I remember correctly, on the NeXT you could uninstall an app by dragging it to the trash, because the app bundle was self contained. But
recently I heard (but I'm not sure), that on OS X some app bundles
additionally install file outside the bundle, which gives a mess I guess ...


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