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Re: Hijacking ITPs ?

On Wednesday 04 February 2004 19.56, Matthias Urlichs wrote:
> Hi,
> if there's an ITP out there which hasn't seen any action (AFAIK anyway),
> how long (after trying to contact the ITP's author) would you wait until
> you decide to go ahead and package the program yourself?

I guess it depends on
 - how long was the ITP open?
 - how much correspondence is there in the ITP bug report
 - perhaps also: how is experience with this packages wrt other ITPs, how big 
might the chances be that he will act soon if you prod him?

> I am specifically talking about the rest of Project Aegypten (smart-card
> and GnuPG agent support and all that), bugs #187546 thru 187549.

Haven't looked at that ITP, and don't know who filed the bug. Just wanted to 
say that I'd highly welcome packages that would allow kmail to do PGP/MIME 
without manually compiling stuff (any chance that you work with the KDE 
people to make this 'just work' in the default config of kmail?)

-- vbi

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