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Re: gcc as optional

Hi Giacomo!

On 2004-01-28  7:57 +0100, Giacomo A. Catenazzi wrote:
> No. One of our power is the sources, let user install programs (and
> kernels), from sources easy.

'apt-get install build-essential' is much easier than finding all
development packages one does not need on a workstation IMHO.

> On routers and firewall you will remove alot more programs,
> so removing also gcc don't make a big difference.

It is not just gcc, there are a lot of development packages that go
along with it; it just would help the situation a bit.


I do when I have a reason for this (backporting, bug fixing etc.), but
if I would like to compile everything from the sources I would use
Gentoo. I see no gain in doing this, precompiled packages have a
reason (they allow to install a router in half an hour and not 2 weeks
of compiling).

Have a nice day!

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