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Re: [mass bug filing] still depending on exim instead of exim4

"Daniel J. Priem" <devel@walki.homelinux.org> said:

> Am Mit, 2004-01-14 um 11.23 schrieb Marc Haber:
>> On Wed, 14 Jan 2004 10:55:08 +0100, Petter Reinholdtsen
>> <pere@hungry.com> wrote:
>> >[Marc Haber]
>> >> we still have about 50 packages in the archive that have exim (not
>> >> exim4) in their Depends/Recommends/Suggests field. Since exim 3 is no
>> >> longer supported upstream, and exim 4 is the default MTA for sarge, I
>> >> intend to file wishlist bugs against these packages asking to depend
>> >> on exim 4 instead of exim 3.
>> >
>> >Why not just change exim4 to provide "exim"?
>> Because exim 4 is not a drop-in replacement for exim 3. It uses a
>> different configuration file format that cannot be converted in an
>> easy way.
> Why dont develop a script wich is converting the exim3conf to an usable
> exim4config and haveing this in the postinstallscript?
> or is exim4 so different that this is absolutely impossible?

Hum, in my opinion:
     - If you want to convert complex exim3 configurations, your script
     will have to be a bit complex -- maybe very complex.
     - If you want to convert trivial exim3 configurations, your
     script will be ease to write but will probably not be more
     interesting than simply running eximconfig to build a completely
     new clean conffile.

In other words, I'm not sure it would help that much.

However, it remains unclear to me why these 50 packages have Depends
on exim3 instead of Depends on the virtual package

Mathieu Roy

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