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Re: gcc as optional

ke, 2004-01-28 kello 08:57, Giacomo A. Catenazzi kirjoitti:
> No. One of our power is the sources, let user install programs (and
> kernels), from sources easy.

This, of course, is not hampered in any significant degree by changing
the priority of gcc from Standard to Optional, since it is enough to
install the build-essential package to get the toolchain installed.

> On routers and firewall you will remove alot more programs,
> so removing also gcc don't make a big difference.

The significance of the difference is a matter of opinion (and I'm not
giving mine), gcc is also a useless waste of disk space and bandwidth
for those who don't need it. Most desktop users don't need it. In my
opinion, that is enough to warrant making gcc optional.


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