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Re: 185 Packages that look orphaned

Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
Arnaud Vandyck <avdyk@debian.org> writes:

About every Java packages, they are not going in contrib because most
depends on j2sdk1.(3|4) so, they are in contrib. THEY ARE NOT BROKEN!
They just need a non-free JDK to build or to run.

Which means they need manual intervention to get pushed into sarge. It
just needs to be done where appropriate. A bunch of the java related
packages maintainer replied that they are waiting on sablevm or
kaffe. Maybe that will be ready for sarge.

There is quite a bit of work happening on this here:


feel free to jump right in.

Oh, and kaffe could need some interest from DDs on the platforms on which it doesn't build atm (alpha, arm, m68k, mips, mipsel, sparc, ia64, parisc). There are some ways to work around that, but in general, it'd be great (for getting more java packages into main) if some interested developers on those architectures picked up the ball. The kaffe.org upstream simply lacks experienced developers on all those platforms at the time being, to be able to fix them all.

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