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gcc as optional


I have tried (a few times) to install Debian/woody with the new
debian-installer (full report of my last attempt is in

As a side note, I have found this:
gcc (and companions) has "Priority: standard"  ;
this means that, unless the user goes into dselect and deselects all
of them, it always gets installed; in particular, if the user is low
on space, this can be annoying

I here propose that gcc (and companions) become "Priority: optional"

rationale is that many users can work on Debian without compiling anything;
moreover tasksel has a " [ ] C and C++ "  line, that is almost 
useless, since gcc is installed nonetheless


ps: all the above, up to my best knowledge

Andrea Mennucc
 "one houndred and fifty - the chicken sings"

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