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Re: Fam mustn't depend on portmap (was Re: new portmap packages, testers wanted)

Scripsit Joerg Wendland <joergland@debian.org>
> Henning Makholm, on 2004-01-22, 02:33, you wrote:

> > Perhaps I'm really ignorant, but is "looking up a port number" not the
> > *only* thing the portmap service can be used for?

> Not exactly.
[snip: longer description about how the port-number lookup works]

Do I correctly understand your point to be that I've missed is the
*listing* of running services, in addition to single lookups?

Was Steve's point, then, that using portmap for anything that requires
only a single port number - rather than a listing of all running
services - is "way overkill"?

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