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Re: Fam mustn't depend on portmap (was Re: new portmap packages, testers wanted)

Nathanael Nerode, on 2004-01-20, 12:12, you wrote:
> Quite right; that's obviously the correct fix.
> Seems to me this is an important bug in fam, and I hope fam will be 
> fixed quickly.

Would be, yes.  But then we need to add a way to discover the socket's
name to famd and libfam since this currently is only handled via RPC.  
Connecting to fam goes as follows:

 - ask portmap for program sgi_fam
 - connect to TCP port returned by portmap
 - ask for local connection on UNIX domain socket
 - connect to UNIX domain socket returned by the FAM

As you can see, portmap plays an important role here.  When I get around
to successfully patching fam 2.7.0 to support dnotify I may try to patch
it further, so it would provide a well known UNIX domain socket that
could make portmap obsolete for local clients though this does not seem
to be very easy.

  Joerg (fam maintainer)

Joerg "joergland" Wendland
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