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Re: Debian packages and freedesktop.org (Gnome, KDE, etc) menu entries

On Thu, Dec 11, 2003 at 09:08:38PM +0000, Andrew Suffield wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 10, 2003 at 10:29:24PM -0800, Marc Wilson wrote:
> > On Wed, Dec 10, 2003 at 12:31:17PM +0000, Andrew Suffield wrote:
> > > We don't have to map them onto anything. We just have to pass them
> > > through to the menu methods in a fashion that allows them to generate
> > > .desktop files.
> > 
> > Other way around.  You have to pass .desktop files through to the
> > menu-methods in a fashion that allows them to generate menus digestible to
> > applications not supporting .desktop files.
> You seem to have lost the context.

Not at all.  You want to enforce on $RANDOM_UPSTREAM the idea that they
have to support .desktop files.  That is *not* going to work.  Debian does
not have that sort of power.

On the other hand, the idea that an application desiring to participate in
the menu system being required to provide the necessary menu-method to get
from .desktop files to their own format is much more reasonable.  Upstream
can create that, or the package maintainer can, or the menu package can
provide it.

Boy... that sure sounds a lot like the current $APPLICATION-agnostic method
Debian has right now.  So, why does this change need to happen again?

If what you want is for only Gnome and KDE to be able to participate in the
menu system, you could just come out and say so.

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