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Re: Integrate Knoppix in Debian (was: Re: Debian Enterprise?)

On Thu, 27 Nov 2003, George Danchev wrote:

> > Yes.
> > The plan to build live CDs for these Custom Distributions is (currently)
> > just for *demonstration* purpose.  To get a Custom Distribution *installed*
> > onto your system you will ned *official* Debian CDs.
> or maybe official Live CD prepared with debix ? What do you think about such
> images prepared with debix and containing the official debian-installer
> instead of the other live cd hdd installer hacks ? This way everything will
> be policy compliant.
I would love it if anybody would volunteer.  I see my field of work in Debian-Med
which is more work I can afford.  The only reason why I started the Knoppix
discussion is taht I try to prevent people from continuousely reinventing the
wheel in creating live CDs (BTW: A triangular wheel is better than a quadratic one
because it does one bumble less per turn. ;-) ).  The fact is:  We definitely
nead a feature to create customized live CDs *easily*.  I'm absolutely convinced
that the best way to do it *right* is to include this into official Debian
distribution.  If such kind of live CD shows other nifty features I would be

> > (May be if we will be able to install from a live CD later but the current
> >  hack can not be used for this purpose.  The goal has to be a clean Debian
> >  install and no Knoppix-like hack).
> since knoppix 3.3 there is one more hdd installer along with knx-hdinstall, it
> is called knoppix-installer and has mode=knoppix and mode=debian. I have
> never tested it, but I guess it installs more policy compliant Debian system
> on hdd.
Well, I guess the difference is like between a "dirty hack" and a "not so
dirty hack".
Again and again:  I do not care about how cleanly a live CD can be installed
on a random box.  What I need is an easy way to *build* a live CD.  Just assume
that my only purpose is to run it on diskless systems if it is so hard to
understand that we need the process of building the CD first before we think
about how it can be installed anywhere (which would be nice but absolutely
not necessary because we have a way to install Debian).

Kind regards


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