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Re: status of Progeny projects

Ian Murdock wrote:
I'll be the first to agree with this, which is why I pointed out in
the earlier message that this work doesn't aim to compete with/replace

That's a good way of thinking ;) d-i is really good piece of software and I hope it will be finished in short period of time, so we can use all of its potential in sarge release.

I strongly suspect it would be non-trivial to make Anaconda work
on all 11 architectures.

But IMO it's absolutely possible.

Could bits of Anaconda eventually be combined
with d-i to give Debian an install process that millions of people
are familiar with?

I agree. Anacanda is *really* easy to use, powerful, extensible, and well-known. Combining it as a possible (I say: possible, not the only one - as d-i architecture allows us to make many frontends, console and graphical) graphical installation method with d-i and cdebconf (Maybe it will be possible to make it a cdebconf frontend?) will be a good idea, since writing a really good GUI frontend which can compete with Anaconda in some aspects is nightmare.

Sure, but certainly not in the sarge timeframe.

Perhaps we will end up with console installation (the base one of d-i) and simple (cdebconf based) graphical installation using GTK+ 2.0, but maybe in next releases we will integrate full Anaconda possibilities and interface as next one accessible to cdebconf.

Oh, I did a little weird text above ;) I just mean, that Anaconda can be great graphical frontend for cdebconf and d-i in next debian releases and would be appreciated by many users who want simple installation process.

people use it in an unofficial capacity in the meantime to get up and
running on IA-32 and IA-64? Sure. That's why we're putting it out there.

yes, yes, but how many people will use it? Or another way: how many people used PGI to install debian? Anaconda will show up to public when it will be available as one of official d-i and cdebconf integrated way of graphical installation.

p.s. Yes, yes, I know, me english is very bad :(

Best regards!
Mati (mati@maticomp.net)
One man can make a difference
    -- Wilton Knight, Knight of the Phoenix (Knight Rider)

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