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Re: status of Progeny projects

Scott James Remnant wrote:
> Ah, I apologise ... your problem is that not working on d-i will delay
> the release of sarge, because it needs a new installer?

Not working on "the installer for sarge" is "my" problem and my fear
since this will definitively delay the release of sarge since we cannot
release without a working installer.

Having to discuss the installer issue again and chosing between d-i and
anaconda would cost time and effort as well.  I doubt it will do Debian
any good, independly of the outcome.

> In that case, the solution is simple.  Add Progeny's work to the list of
> installation systems being considered for sarge.  From Ian's mail it
> sounds like they've got it in pretty good shape already.
> I'm sure you have no objection to that, if it means we could release
> sarge on time?

I'm not sure it would mean that, to be honest.  Actually, I even doubt
it very much...

However, I'd love to be proven wrong.



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