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Re: correct directorys for www.ltsp.org (for swap)

Am Son, 2003-09-28 um 17.24 schrieb Robert Jordens:
> Hello!
> [Sun, 28 Sep 2003] Steve Langasek wrote:
> > > But this is strange. Why does lts-core include it's own version of
> > > busybox and X and other packages? Why not use the Debian packages and
> > > unpack them into the lts-root? What about security fixes as the recent
> > > one in xfree86? Those don't get onto the lts-clients until a new lts is
> > > uploaded.
> > 
> > FWIW, last time I tried I found that it was rather difficult to run
> > debootstrap from within a package postinst script... at least with
> > debconf using an interactive frontend. :)
> Yes. debootstrap in postinst is not a good idea. It is likely to fail
> and takes tool long.
and i get a lot of uneeded files in the filesystem

 But a tool on top of debootstrap and the ltsp
do you think something like this 

ltsp-core has something similar(or debootstrap with --options) to
debootstrap lets say 

build_rootfs.sh  clientarch=i386/mips/ppc xservers=all/svga/vga16  
from=f.d.o  saveconf=/etc/ltsp/rootfs.conf

on secupdates we update ltsp-core

in postinst.ex have something like 
build_rootfs.sh readconf /etc/ltsp/rootfs.conf --update rootfs 
wich then will do nothing other then looking for newer debs download
them unpack them to the rootfs.

Please critic me if i'm wrong. i need to learn and figure out this.


> generation scripts should allow that kind of updating and would not
> require new ltsp packages for every security advisory.
>     Robert.
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