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Re: correct directorys for www.ltsp.org (for swap)


[Sun, 28 Sep 2003] Cameron Patrick wrote:
> | /usr/share is for architecture independent data. As the root fs for the
> | clients can be regenerated, that should go into
> | /var/lib/ltsp/<arch>.
> No, in LTSP the one root filesystem image is static data shared between
> all clients of a given arch and can't be regenerated except by
> reinstalling LTSP: thus it belongs in /usr not /var.  Also it is

Oh yes. You are right. I thought the root tree was still being gererated
from the host server's tree, but those times seem to have passed.

But this is strange. Why does lts-core include it's own version of
busybox and X and other packages? Why not use the Debian packages and
unpack them into the lts-root? What about security fixes as the recent
one in xfree86? Those don't get onto the lts-clients until a new lts is


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