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Re: correct directorys for www.ltsp.org (for swap)

On Sun, Sep 28, 2003 at 09:54:03AM +0200, Robert Jordens wrote:
| > the root-filesystem will now point to /usr/share/ltsp/<arch> and mounted
| > read-only by the clients
| /usr/share is for architecture independent data. As the root fs for the
| clients can be regenerated, that should go into
| /var/lib/ltsp/<arch>.

No, in LTSP the one root filesystem image is static data shared between
all clients of a given arch and can't be regenerated except by
reinstalling LTSP: thus it belongs in /usr not /var.  Also it is
"architecture independent" from a Debian packaging perspective as the
architecture of the clients need not match the architecture of the file
server; it would make sense to have an i386 LTSP root fs stored on a
Sparc NFS server, for instance.  Thus /usr/share is the correct

| > Now i need to have a swapfile folder where all the NFS_Swap files for
| > the clints can be. Please tell me wich directory would be fine.
| > I thinking about /var/cache/ltsp  because refering to the FHS
| I guess you are implying the question whether this is the right place or
| not... ;-] It seems to me.

Possibly /var/tmp or /var/lib would also be an option?  Not sure which
of the three is best, though.


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