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Re: installer for non-free packages in contrib

Mathieu Roy wrote:
> So finally now you answered about the theorical proposal I made at
> first (I asked to put these packages in non-free or to force the
> installer to build the proper package).
> Is there anybody else that thinks too that these packages belongs to
> non-free / think that the installer should build a proper package?

In the rare instances in the past when I have used installer packages
for non-free software, no, I have been more interested in a package that
can keep the non-free software up-to-date during upgrades. And I cannot
see how packages that build debs or merely offer commands to build debs
can do so.

I'm much more annoyed/concerned that mozilla, mozilla-firebird, and
galeon all obtrusuvely offer (over and over again and there's no obvious
way to even turn it off) to install non-free software every time I visit
a site with flash on it. I think that's an example of something not
unlike installer packages in _main_ that ought to be dealt with.

see shy jo

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