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Re: NUT packages status checkpoint

Luca Filipozzi wrote:


Anaud, please list Shaul Karl as comaintainer if he agrees.

Karl, are you ok?

Thanks very much for your efforts... life has take me out of the picture
for quite a number of months and I appreciate you two stepping in to
ensure that nut doesn't languish.
Please to see you back Luca.

It's so better to let you do the -2 upload:
- adding Karl as co maintainer (if ok),
- adding back hidups in Makefile.in/PROGS, while waiting for me to create the
necessary "usb" rules in upstream (closing bug: 208248),
- change my address to debian's one (arnaud.quette@debian.org)
- (side effect) closing finally the 2 NMU fixed bugs.

Tell me back if you still prefer me to do this upload... The only
remaining bug (196513) has 2 solutions... I let you decide.

I'll go back to upstream developments, as I still have a last huge pass
on USB/SNMP/MGE things for 1.5/2.0. There will also be KNutClient
and WMNut updates following...

See you soon,

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