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ruby-defaults 1.8.0

Hi, ruby package maintainers!

I've upload new ruby-defaults that make ruby 1.8.0 the debault version of ruby.
I contains some new binary package so it takes time to get into unstable.
You can get the new ruby-defaults from

 deb http://pkg-ruby.alioth.debian.org/deb/ ./
 deb-src http://pkg-ruby.alioth.debian.org/deb/ ./

Note that 
 - packages that depends on ruby (<< 1.7) will be removed by dist-upgrade.
   It must be fixed to depend on ruby1.6, or to change dependency version
   if it works with ruby 1.8.

 - I don't recommend that package depends on libruby. Instead, ruby module
   package should depend on libruby1.8 or libruby1.6.

 - module packages that build-depends on ruby-dev MUST be fixed to
   use ruby1.8-dev (or ruby1.6-dev) instead of ruby-dev.

Fumitoshi UKAI

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