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Re: Excessive wait for DAM - something needs to be done

> I can't speak for other developers but personally I'd be reluctant to
> sponsor a package I had no personal interest in.

I can understand this, but this creates a problem for a number of
packages. One of my packages is 'yepp', which loads mp3's on a Samsung
Yepp player. If it weren't for my current sponsor, who started
sponsering me for another package, it would be impossible to upload such
a package, since I assume only a small number of ppl have such a player
(?), only a small number of those use GNU/Linux and only a part of those
use GNU/Debian. I had this package ready (not taking into account the
remarks of my sponsor) in a basic form for over a year before I got it
uploaded (I actually gave up on it).

Obviously not having gone through the entire Debian Maintainer process,
I wonder how much effort it takes for an experienced developer to check
such a trivial package (if you will, compare it with the Pro-Deo system
barristers have). Let's face it, most packages that get posted in
-mentors are not that complex.

Perhaps one should consider that being a DD, should require more
involvement than uploading and maintaining packages (I realise that I am
going to enrage the non-trivial package maintainers here, but I assume
that group is relatively small).

	greetz, marc
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