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Re: Excessive wait for DAM - something needs to be done

* Jamin W. Collins <jcollins@asgardsrealm.net> [2003-07-17 17:26]:
>    - Why are these people still waiting, many without a publicly stated
>      reason?

Because the DAM hadn't had a chance to evaluate their application yet?

>    - Do you, as DPL, feel it is acceptable for someone to be keep
>      awaiting DAM approval for more than 3 months without comment from
>      the DAM?

No, I don't think this is acceptable and I'm working on getting this
changed.  At the same time, please don't accept miracles/panaceas
tomorrow for a problem which is much more complex than probably all
involved in this discussion might think (for a hint see the note

>    - What exactly are DAM's delegated powers and responsibilities?

The DAM has the exclusive power to create and remove accounts.  It is
up to them to make a decision who should receive and keep accounts.

>    - Why has there been no response from DAM regarding this situation?

I'd have to guess, but perhaps a reason is that he doesn't perceive
the discussion as helpful.  (Note that for example that while adding
DAMs has been suggested nobody has yet posted a list of prospective
and capable candidates.)

In any case, applications will be processed (and some rejected, I'd
assume) once db.d.o is up again.

Martin Michlmayr

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