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Re: Excessive wait for DAM - something needs to be done

IMHO, the DAM wait is only one part of the problem. A lot of would-be
developers are already pleased to find a mentor/uploader. To my personal
experience, RFS in debian-mentors gives only a limited response and even
if you manage to get somebody interested, some mentors seem to disappear
from the earth altogether within a few months. Time and again, I've seen
the same packages re-appear in an appeal for sponsorship on

Anyway, In my view, the DD status is sometimes just an ego-boosting item,
and I am happy to have found a supportive Sponsor for my packages (2 for
the moment), this allows me to contribute to GNU/Debian (or at least
share some efforts with other ppl when packaging a custom source tarball
for you own needs) (1).

The only problem is that you might get (again) into the same problem
when you try to create packages that are not in the range of expertise
of the current Sponsor (e.g. perl based packages).

One could argue that the current situation discourages passersby and
keeps only the motivated ppl, but I wonder how many 'false postives' are
generated this way.

Anyway, I'll have another go at some packages when my professional
agenda allows it.

(1) Calling ppl (and future developers?) names on mailing lists does not
help to raise that status of 'official' debian developers.

	greetz, marc
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