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Re: default MTA for sarge

On Mon, 14 Jul 2003 14:19:14 +1200
"G. M. Bodnar" <greg@sapheron.org> wrote:
> :Another random idea from my misguided brain: Maybe there should be
> :separate exim packages: exim4-local (which is the MTA automatically
> :installed by dependencies) and exim4 (which a sysadmin in need of an MTA
> :would install). The two could share the binaries and only provide
> :different maintainer scripts.
> We can take this idea an extra half step.
> exim4:
>  requires exim4-config
> exim4-config-simple:
>  provides exim4-config
>  conflicts exim4-config-advanced
> Configuration would be predefined to provide only local mail routing.
> exim4-config-advanced:
>  provides exim4-config
>  conflicts exim4-config-simple
> Configuration would be based on debconf.
> Having said that, I'm not sure if I like the idea of separating software
> from the configuration, but I wanted to let the idea out for discussion.

I find this overcomplex for the needs. There are sane defaults for an
MTA - that is, local delivery and nothing else. The *only* thing that
may require user interaction is where to deliver mail to root@ to.

And "exim4-config-advanced" is redundant, just use exim4-config at a
lower debconf priority. Likewise, it's sort of a misnomer; the debconf
interface is nice and all, but it doesn't result in what I'd call an
"advanced" setup. (Despite the complexity of the configuration file,
you still end up with a pretty simple installation.)

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