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Re: default MTA for sarge

On Sun, 13 Jul 2003 23:50:10 +0200, Joshua Kwan wrote:

> Well, the solution is obvious. Since during all Debian installs, people
> are asked to create a non-root user (ie: joshk); why not tell exim to
> use the account created during setup as the one we assume to be for
> day-to-day use? In all *nix installations where this happens, the
> account I choose is always the one I tell root mail to go to.

That's my experience, too. I'm not sure if Debian does (or should) require
creating an account. Sure it's the right thing to do...

Another random idea from my misguided brain: Maybe there should be
separate exim packages: exim4-local (which is the MTA automatically
installed by dependencies) and exim4 (which a sysadmin in need of an MTA
would install). The two could share the binaries and only provide
different maintainer scripts.

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