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Re: default MTA for sarge

On Sun, 13 Jul 2003 15:00:10 +0200, Andreas Metzler wrote:

> If you installed exim4 and used frontend=noninteractive or just press
> <Enter> on every debconf-question you should end up exactly with this:
> local delivery only.

In this case, it was the exim3 package, which had a non-debconf
configuration program last I looked. This program was probably confusing
the user (he didn't intend to install an MTA after all). Good to hear that
exim4 has improved this.

> OTOH if you upgraded from an exim with broken config you /might/ end up
> with an exim4 inheriting the broken config, as it tries to "parse"
> exim.conf to preanswer the debconf-questions.

Of course one can't rely on updates to fix misconfigurations. So that's
probably OK.

>> [1] The question where root's mail goes to comes to mind. I think this
>> question has to be asked.
> If you don't specify another user when configuring /etc/alises it will
> be delivered to /var/mail/root

I know, but that location (/var/mail/root) is discouraged, isn't it? The
admin shouldn't read his/her mail under uid 0. That's why I think that
exim should ask this question when it is configured for local delivery (or
in "newbie" mode ;-)

The best solution (at least for the average user which doesn't care about
his MTA) would IMHO be a question along the lines of "Which user account
should receive messages for the system administrator?" I.e. not even
mentioning the technical details. The word "mail" might be misleading

Just thinking aloud... I have not installed any exim4 yet, and I know how
to get exim3 to do local delivery. But Debian should become a more
user-friendly OS after all, right?

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