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Re: default MTA for sarge

On Sunday 13 July 2003 01:31, Joey Hess wrote:
> For sarge we have two options for the default MTA in base:
> a. replace exim with exim4
> b. no MTA installed by default, add a MTA task
> So do we want there to be a MTA by default?

I would lean towards exim4 configured for local delivery only.  It is a sane 
default for just about every system.  The admins who know they want another 
MTA can easily replace exim and the users who have no clue what a MTA does 
have one installed quietly and securely waiting for the day they might want 
more from it.

Enough of a Linux system assumes that a MTA is present that not installing any 
would be wrong.  Asking an user which MTA they want is equally wrong because 
many users have no clue what one is.

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