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Re: Daft Internet Stuff [Re: Returning from "vacation". (MIA?)]

Emile van Bergen wrote
>I also don't understand the phrase "today's Internet world". You mean
>with the hordes running Outlook and shopping on the clickable amazing
>discoveries / quantum shopping / tell sell channel that's the WWW?

Yes. If you have to interact with them to any great extent then its hard to
cut yourself off from those that don't follow the 'rules'.

>How does that make sane email communication standards less relevant?

It doesn't, but then those hordes may not agree with your view of which
standard to follow if they don't know of the RFC (in this case) and just go
with the MUA default settings.

>Again, I ask: what's the alternative you are proposing? What do you

I'm putting forward the viewpoint that the 'rules' are archaic and quoting
them may not get the response you want/expect. If you can then drop email to
NULL: for those people then thats fine but others may not be so lucky. I
find it hard to get worked up with any of the "anti-social" behaviour that
goes on (yes, even spam) because its more useful to have access to the
Internet with all its warts than to avoid some of the interaction that
acompanies it.

>It seems you just want to send HTML mail, and not feel sorry for it.

Never said I wanted to and the thread was wider scoped than just HTML email.


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