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Re: Daft Internet Stuff [Re: Returning from "vacation". (MIA?)]

On Sun, 18 May 2003 10:26:38 +0100, Matt Ryan <mryan@debian.org> said: 

> Emile van Bergen wrote:
>> So what do you propose then, to drop everything just because you
>> cynically point out that a lot of rules are being violated today?

> What I'm saying is that (a lot of) these rules are archaic and
> irrelevant in today's Internet world. Firstly I doubt any of the
> people who violate the rules are even aware what an RFC is or what
> it's for - and if they did they probably wouldn't care.  Does it
> matter to the sender that they put a couple of extra lines in their
> signature and this *may* cause a few extra seconds download time for
> the recipient?  Will their computer explode if they type their
> message in CAPITALS?

	Only indirectly. People doing so shall end up in the kill
 files of people like me -- and if they ever need responses to
 questions (anyone who does not know what an RFC is is likely to have
 questions that people like me can answer), well, they shall be out of

	Rather than this happening silently, we inform the user in no
 uncertain terms that a breach of nettiquette occurred. It is up to
 them to heed the warning or  not -- and figure if the consequences
 matter to them.

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