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Re: mailcap next step

On Thu, May 15, 2003 at 03:35:33PM +0200, mcINEK wrote:
> W li?cie z czw, 15-05-2003, godz. 15:23, Wouter Verhelst pisze: 
> > I fail to see why it would be bad. It's not perfect, but that's far from
> > the same thing. Moreover, I think your ideas would make things worse,
> > rather than better.
> It's not perfect. Importand bugs are for me:
> * doesn't allow to choose what program use

Yes it does. Create a ~/.mailcap with the application of your choice for
a given MIME-type at the top.

My suggestion of a front-end was to create some application that would
help $USER to manage ~/.mailcap.

> * it skip more than one application for one type

That's actually the same thing as above, unless I don't understand what
you mean.

> Our task is to think, when it would be good, and what we're gonna do.
> Of course, we can leave it as it is now, but then we won't go further in
> making Debian better and more and more useful.

Please point me to where I said we should leave things as they are.

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