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Re: mailcap next step

W liście z czw, 15-05-2003, godz. 13:49, Wouter Verhelst pisze: 
> Alternatives and mailcap are two different worlds. Please keep them
> separated.

OK, so leave alternatives.

> > It won't work, because the aren't any 'standards'. I don't have idea how
> > make x/non-x choice from mailcap. I REALLY think alternatives could be
> > good.
> It's done in there, all over the place! There's a 'test' option, which
> is meant to use a line conditionally; it's commonly used to test whether
> $DISPLAY is set, which is *exactly* what you need.

No, it doesn't. There can be more tjan one line describing the same mime
type. And what then? Solving this problem will be sorting content of
/usr/lib/mime/packages by appropiate types, such as:

 content (example): x,/usr/bin/mozilla
 content: text,/usr/bin/mozilla

And on that base update-mime can generate /etc/mailcap. Of course if
they'd be more browsers it only can choose one, but in the present time
it's the same.

If there'd be a types tree like that making front-end will make sense,
otherwise no. User'd choose a program from that directory structure.

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