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Re: mailcap next step

On Thu, May 15, 2003 at 02:46:34PM +0200, mcINEK wrote:
> W li?cie z czw, 15-05-2003, godz. 14:30, Wouter Verhelst pisze: 
> > Uh. You can create such a tree in-memory, no? Parsing the file is not
> > *that* hard.
> Of course, I can. But I don't understand why don't improve BAD
> mechanism.

I fail to see why it would be bad. It's not perfect, but that's far from
the same thing. Moreover, I think your ideas would make things worse,
rather than better.

> If sth is bad and doesn't pass our requests we should change
> it. Is update-mime a 'holy cow'? 

Certainly not.

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