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Re: Debian Calendar Files

Bob Proulx wrote:
> For reference, the calendar file line under discussion.
> > Dec 11  Infomagic announces the botching of Debian 1.0, 1995
> Statements like this sound so spiteful.  And in a recurring reminder
> file?  This reads like, "Seven years ago back in 1995 Infomagic
> screwed things up and we are never going to let them or anyone else
> forget it to the point of specifically reminding everyone every year
> of it."  Let bygones be bygones.  Forgive and forget.

Ok, so how can we phrase this less "spiteful", still short and
accurate?  I never used the word "botching" before so I can't
judge if it's offending or not, but its translation seemed to
fit in what I thought.

The following would be even more accurate:

Dec 11  Infomagic and Debian announce the botching of Debian 1.0, 1995



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