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Re: Debian Calendar Files

Martin Schulze wrote:
> I wonder if it would improve our distribution if we include a calendar
> file with bsdmainutils that would contain Debian specific dates, such
> as release dates and days of death of our fellow developer.

I think this would be nice, but not in bsdmainutils.  This should be
in a package by itself.

[Technical musings: I would imagine that it would depend upon
bsdmainutils and use calendar.  But would have its own crontab file
which would use the -f option to reach your specific calendar file.
This would allow this to be rather independent of other packages.]

> I have also created a calendar file exclusively for Debian, so it
> could be included in the Debian distribution if users and maintainers
> wish to do so.

>  1. http://www.infodrom.org/projects/calendar/


I looked at the dates for several Debian events such as Project Leader
and failed to see a complete list.  Here is a reference.  Could you
bring the calendar list up to date?


Under the "Debian releases" area I believe the text of the Infomagic
message is too harsh.  Debian should not be vindictive.  I think that
should eliminated.  It was not a real Debian release.  At the very
least it should be softened to be factual only.  Perhaps the prose
from this reference could be a guide.



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