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Re: /run and read-only /etc

On Wed, 2003-04-09 at 14:17, Thomas Hood wrote:

>   * ppp
>     * Change /usr/sbin/pppd to:
>       * Store PID in /run/, not in /var/run/

Why? Is the goal to make PPP-mounter /var to work?! If so, pppd has to
be moved to /sbin.

>   * pump
>     * Add /etc/pump directory
>     * Change /sbin/pump to:
>       * Store PID in /run, not in /var/run

Quite. Programs in /sbin shouldn't, in general, be using /var/run.

> The proposed new directory is for files similar to those in /var/run/
> that are not just variable and unshareable but also local -- i.e., they
> must be writable independently of network connectivity.

No, they must be on the root file system, like /bin and /sbin. Remember
the root FS can be network mounted, e.g., over NFS.

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