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Re: SASL/LDAP/DB dependency hell.


Pretty interesting mail to receive; an excercise in using negative
response, I assume.

> > You are looking at the wrong part.
> No, he isn't.
> > They have really versioned their symbols, without
> No, they havn't, they've done a nasty hack apparently, which is really
> unfortunate.

I wouldn't consider them nasty hacks.
> > using the GNU ld feature which doesn't work on some platforms:
> They're not a 'GNU ld feature', quit spreading misinformation.  They
> originally appeared under Solaris and are supported by at least glibc
> and Solaris and it sounds like they're either supported or going to be
> under FreeBSD.

Well, then, they are ld feature, not universally available.

I could not convince libpng maintainers to use versioned symbols because
they were apparently not available on AIX and Windows.


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