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Re: SASL/LDAP/DB dependency hell.

Daniel Schepler <schepler@math.berkeley.edu> wrote:
> Andreas Metzler <ametzler@logic.univie.ac.at> writes:
>> Actually it is much simpler, many packages are simply not compileable
>> anymore:
>> libldap2-dev depends on libsasl-dev [1]
>> libsasl-dev depends on libdb2-dev (>= [2]
>> libdb3-dev conflicts with libdb2-dev
>> This hits almost anything linking against libldap2, including postfix
>> (db3), apache2 (db4.1), xemacs21(db3), sendmail (db3), KDE (db4.0),

> I'm going to prepare a new NMU in which libsasl-dev has that
> dependency changed to "libdb2-dev | libdb-dev", which should satisfy
> the libtool issue while still allowing libdb4.0-dev, etc.

Thanks for giving this a shot.

> Hopefully because of the versioned symbols in libdb2 this won't
> result in breakage.

Afaik it shouldn't, it had worked so far, there are many
packages using libdb!=2 together with sasl or ldap.

> Actually, though, it seems libdb4.0 and libdb4.1 don't have versioned
> symbols -- so if a program links against -lsasl and -ldb4.0 there's
> still a possibility of problems afaict.

Iirc versioned-symbols in db2 and db3 were introduced by the
respective debian maintainers, and db4 shipped them with upstream but
my memory might be wrong.
            cu andreas

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