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Re: SASL/LDAP/DB dependency hell.

> > Iirc versioned-symbols in db2 and db3 were introduced by the
> > respective debian maintainers, and db4 shipped them with upstream but
> > my memory might be wrong.
> This was based on running objdump -p on the libdb libraries.  For db2
> and db3 the output included entries like
> Version definitions:
> 1 0x01 0x05477ab2 libdb2.so.2
> 2 0x00 0x00004852 DB2
> For db4.0 and db4.1 there was no such output.

You are looking at the wrong part.
They have really versioned their symbols, without
using the GNU ld feature which doesn't work on some platforms:

objdump -T gives me:

00018b94 g    DF .text  0000005d  Base        __db_db_h_nelem_4001
000679e0 g    DF .text  000001c9  Base        __ham_chgpg_log_4001
00038438 g    DF .text  0000010d  Base        __db_master_open_4001
000187c0 g    DF .text  0000005d  Base        __db_db_bt_maxkey_4001
00067dc0 g    DF .text  00000135  Base        __ham_init_print_4001
00055c3c g    DF .text  00000013  Base        __db_ndbm_clearerr_4001
0001c784 g    DF .text  00000022  Base        __dbcl_set_timeout_4001
0003c0ec g    DF .text  00000264  Base        __db_big_getpgnos_4001
00045554 g    DF .text  00000050  Base        __db_ccountchk_4001
0006a3b8 g    DF .text  0000000b  Base        __ham_test_4001

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