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Re: Debian Subversion repository?

John Goerzen (2003-04-03 08:35:36 -0600) :

> On Thu, Apr 03, 2003 at 02:19:03PM +0200, Roland Mas wrote:


>>   Excellent.  I hereby invite you to grab the Gforge sources[1],
>> read them, understand them (and the associated packaging code), and
>> provide patches[2] for a gforge-svn package (or a subversion plugin
>> if you prefer).  I'll be happy to commit these patches to CVS
>> (provided they work, obviously :-)
> OK well that's not quite what I meant :-)

Wasn't it? 0:-)


> HOWEVER, I will take a look at Gforge and see whether Sourceforge is
> still the same festering heap of infested kludges that it was last
> time I looked at it :-)

  Gforge has been rewritten.  Not from scratch, so there are still
probably pieces of old code around, but a large part of the code is no
longer the one from SF.  Should be easier to deal with.

Roland Mas

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