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Debian Subversion repository?


With all the recent (great) talk about Alioth, one sore spot comes up
repeatedly in my mind: CVS.

I have been a fan of, and a user of, Subversion since last July.  In fact, I
run my own Subversion repository at http://svn.complete.org/ for many of the
projects that I am involved with.  Subversion has many advantages over CVS
that are too numerous to get into here.

Recently, it occured to me that it would be nice to put some data into
Subversion in a fashion similar to what people are currently doing with CVS. 
However, I don't have the gig or two of space on a hosted server that this
would take with something big such as keeping a bunch of kernel trees in
Subversion.  I also don't have the bandwidth to host even the meg or two
times tens of thousands for a popular project.

Which brings me to Debian.  I think that Subversion would be a natural fit
for Alioth.  At the minimum, we could set up svn.debian.org.  This would, I
think, be a great boon to us.  Subversion provides many nice capabilities to
sync different trees together (in much the same way kernel developers do
with bitkeeper), and since much of Debian development is exactly that, it
seems a natural fit.

Being one to eat me own dogfood: I hereby volunteer to set up and administer
Subversion on any sid machine fit for the task.

-- John
John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org>                       www.complete.org

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