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Re: ifupdown writes to /etc... a bug?

Emile van Bergen wrote:
> > In *this* thread I am proposing that /var/run should be the
> > standard path to our runtime state directory and that it should
> > be a symlink (both before and after /var is mounted) to another
> > directory that is rw, persistent-until-reboot, and network-
> > independent.
> It's /very/ similar to Mike's older proposal. The messy part about it is
> that you put something in /var (the 'run' symlink) that you will have
> to remove before something can be mounted over /var, at least for older
> or non-linux kernels.

What older linux kernel cannot mount a filesystem over top of an
existing directory tree? IIRC 1.1.59 allowed it at least. What non-linux
kernels that might be the bases for debian systems have this limtation?

> Also, you'll have to keep the symlink in the
> pre-mounted case synchronised to the symlink in the real /var fs.
> Accessing the hidden /var after something is mounted on /var will be
> somewhat of a challenge.

Going to single-user mode and unmounting /var should do it. Luckily it's
a situation that very few admins should have to bother with. Most of us
don't need the symlinks. 

Another approach is to use a bind mount. In your fstab, make the system
bind /run to /var/run before the network comes up. After the nfs is
brought up, do the exact same bind mount again[1]. If you want to move /run
to /mem/run or something, you change your fstab and reboot.

see shy jo

[1] probably with a rcS.d/S46mountrun.sh that does a "mount /var/run".

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