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Re: ifupdown writes to /etc... a bug?

In article <[🔎] 20030312104607.GA14203@sprite.fr.eu.org>,
Jeremie Koenig  <sprite@sprite.fr.eu.org> wrote:
>... or just let the admin configure it in /etc/fstab, with a reasonable
>default for standard debian installations (shmfs). Furnish a package
>that can setup a ramdisk before local things are mounted (if it doesn't
>exist already).
>I see no need to make things different for /run than for anything else,
>except of course that it should be specified as _not_ being a network
>mounted thing.

I guess that makes sense.

>The postinst of sysvinit would just suggest to add a line in /etc/fstab
>while upgrading from pre-/run systems. D-i would include a notice that
>/run should be a shmfs, and allow adding shmfs line in /etc/fstab (all
>this stuff would be priority medium or low, so that poeple who don't
>care/understand will just get a well-suited shmfs in /run.)

Hm, yes. However, some kernels have tmpfs support (it's called tmpfs
now; shmfs has been deprecated, and you /do/ have to configure
it in. 2.4 is broken with the shmfs/tmpfs distinction, btw), others
have ramdisk compiled in or as a module, others don't have it at
all, and it all depends on the kernel you are running at that moment.
As soon as you upgrade the kernel things change and you do not
want them to break ...

So, it would be better to mount /run automatically without an
/etc/fstab entry, since it's hard to say what that entry is.
Besides, for a ramdisk, you still need to mkfs a filesystem on
it before mounting it, so it's all special case code anyway.


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