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RE: ifupdown writes to /etc... a bug?

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> From: Joey Hess [mailto:joey@dragon.kitenet.net] On Behalf Of 
> How about: /boot/state or such? /boot/run if you want it to be analagous
> with /var. The idea being that /boot tends to be small, and local, and
> that there is a mnemonic that this is stuff that gets written early
> boot. The downside perhaps being that some admins choose to mount /boot
> ro most of the time. Just an idea.

Yeah, I was thinking of either /boot/{state|run} or even something like
/etc/volatile.  It doesn't seem sane to have a new top-level for such a
small number of oddball files.  Some of those files really ARE config files
in many cases (ie: resolv.conf on a non-DHCP system), so /etc still makes
sense, but having this stuff in an aptly-named "volatile" subdirectory of
/etc (with symlinks where apropriate for historical and programatic reason,
which would be the case for at least mtab and resolv.conf) means that
people with a rw root (the majority, I'd guess) don't need to do anything,
or even notice that anything's really changed, but people who want to mount
root ro can just mount something else on /etc/volatile.

Personally, a symlink from /etc/mtab -> volatile/mtab seems a lot more
intuitive to me than a symlink from /etc/mtab -> /run/mtab (or as some may
be suggesting, /etc/mtab -> /var/run/mtab ; /var/run -> /run ... <blink>)

Why people seem to feel the need to add a top level directory just to mount
a filesystem, I'll never understand.

... Adam

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