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Dependancies of Debian Archive (FYI)

Let's ponder about a question of "How important is a package?"

One measure is "how many other packages depend on it?"

I did some quick(*) research(**) on the Debian archive (stable, testing,
unstable combined) and found out followings:

  12% of packages had dependencies with more than 5 other packages
  88% of packages had dependencies with less than 6 other packages

  24% of packages had dependencies with more than 1 other packages
  76% of packages had dependencies with one other package or none

As you can see, most (>75%-90%) packages have very limited impact to
the archive consistency.  (I know impact of Build-dep also needs be
assessed but its effects should also be very limited too.)

Currently, minor release does not allow any upstream version bumping but
just security bug fixes.  I wonder that is the right approach or not for
these *less* important packages.

Just a note to remind well known facts in quantitative manner :-) Kinda
interesting, eh?

Good night

(*)  It was more than 1 hour on 2GHz machine.  
     Multi-level dependencies were considered.
(**) The full list is at http://people.debian.org/~osamu/pub/rev-stat.321
     Top winners are:
  11845 libdb1-compat
  11845 libc6
   7717 libdb4.0
   7593 libdb2
   7480 libgdbmg1
   7369 perl-base
   7365 perl-5.004-base
   7364 perl-modules
   7364 perl-doc
   7364 perl-5.004-doc
   7364 perl-5.004
   7364 perl
   6780 fileutils
   6735 perl-5.005-base
   6732 perl-5.005
   6574 debconf
   6223 zlib1g
   5297 debianutils
   4643 xfree86-common
   4561 libfreetype6
   4536 xlibs
   4132 ncurses-base
   4105 libncurses5

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