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Re: r/o root filesystem?

Greg Stark wrote:
> I don't think policy says anything about this, but given how much effort has
> gone into putting things into /var where appropriate it seems like a shame to
> waste all that effort by not being strict about the last 5% and not reaping
> the benefit of all that work.

I also use a read-only root filesystem (on my openbrick wireless
gateway, where / is a compact flash). With devfs and /proc/mounts
symlink it works ok, but it is disappointing to see all the complaining
from stuff that tries to write to /etc on bootup, on the rare occasions
I have a head on the system.

> The files edited in /etc seem to be /etc/motd and /etc/nologin.

It seems to me there were several others, but I don't remember what they

see shy jo

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