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Re: Dependancies of Debian Archive (FYI)

* Osamu Aoki <osamu@debian.org> [2003-03-06 08:20]:
> Currently, minor release does not allow any upstream version bumping but
> just security bug fixes.  I wonder that is the right approach or not for
> these *less* important packages.

 It is, IMNSHO.  No new versions not only go in for their possible
impact in the Debian system, but also for their even more possible
impact on the users system.  Think of skripts or similar depending on
specific features or output.  I personally don't want (and also don't
want a user) to have to check on every point release if the update won't
break my skripts -- that's already more than enough work on a main
release for to spin that wheel on every point release.

 .... kept totally aside the required testing phase.  A horror from a
quality assurance point of view.

 Ah yes, and one more thing missing from the thoughts on that list: Not
only the Essential: yes packages should be kept aside but also the
packages that build-essential depends on, if you start considering

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