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Some proposals

Seeing as everyone else is throwing in their two currency units, here are
some ideas i've been kicking around.

Proposal:  woody service pack 1

Get Adrian Bunks woody backports, the gnome 2 backport , kde 3.1 and any
other widely used updated software, do a little testing to make sure all
the dependencies are in harmony and stick it on a PGI enabled CD.  It
should be enough to mollify 95% of the critics.  It would be nice if it
could be done under official Debian auspices but there is no reason some
enterprising user couldn't do this themselves.

Proposal: put all Debian code in a repository and make all maintainers
responsible for all packages.

No more waiting for absentee maintainers to fix trivial bugs in their
packages.  The BSDs do it and manage to put out regular releases.  There
may need to be levels of privilege i.e a core team but I would argue there
is a de facto core Debian team right now anyway.  As long as there is a
good communication and a clear audit trail for when thngs go wrong I think
it could work.

Proposal:  Stop releasing altogether

sid would be the only Debian distribution.  Other companies/interested
groups of people would be responsible for putting out finished products on
whatever schedule suited them.  The debian projects role would be to
produce the packages, and provide infrastructure (BTS, policy, installer.)
Does this this sound unworkable?  Look how many specialized Knoppix
knockoffs are beginning to bloom.  Look how many people try Linux From
Scratch.  And most longtime Debian users upgrade continuously without any
thought to releases anyway.

Proposal:  Make all the people who talk but aren't going to do anything
shut up.


Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar@debian.org>
La Salle Debain - http://www.braincells.com/debian/

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